Highlights of the Trade Expo 2023 - Kenya Day 3
26 May 2023

Highlights of the Trade Expo 2023 - Kenya Day 3

We are excited to share the key highlights from Day 3 of the Ghana Trade Expo, which prominently featured the vibrant and diverse offerings of African businesses. The event has been a tremendous success, fostering meaningful connections and showcasing the robust economic potential between Ghana and Kenya.

1. Business Networking:

The third day of the expo witnessed a flurry of business networking activities, with Kenyan and Ghanaian entrepreneurs engaging in fruitful discussions and exploring potential collaborations. The event provided a unique platform for fostering partnerships that can contribute to the growth of both economies.

2. Product Showcases:

Both  Ghana and Kenya businesses took center stage, presenting a wide array of products ranging from agricultural produce to innovative technology solutions. The product showcases allowed attendees to experience firsthand the quality and uniqueness, creating opportunities for cross-border trade.

The day concluded with a vibrant closing ceremony, acknowledging the success of the Ghana Trade Expo. Participants expressed optimism about the prospects of collaboration and exchanged gratitude for the warm hospitality extended by the host nation.

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