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It is a five-day Market Entry Expedition organized by the Ghana National AfCFTA Coordination Office, in collaboration with other AfCFTA implementing institutions, with the support of the World Bank's Ghana Economic Transformation Project and GIZ Trade Hub; aimed at introducing Ghanaian businesses into the Tanzanian market under the AfCFTA Agreement.

The event is scheduled for January 24th - 28th, 2024, at the Mlimani City Conference Center in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. 

Ghanaian businesses can participate by registering online on the Ghana expo website or contacting the National AfCFTA Coordination Office.

Sectors include (but are not limited to) cosmetics, cocoa, textiles, agro-processing, alcoholic beverages, ceramics, aluminum products, leather, crafts, electrical, building and real estate, financial services, and ICT.

Yes, approximately twenty-five Tanzanian businesses will be invited to exhibit their goods alongside Ghanaian counterparts. Many more Tanzanian businesses will also be present to take part in Business-to-Business engagements.

The focus is on Ghanaian and Tanzanian businesses, but participation from other African countries is welcome, subject to booth space availability.

Tanzanian businesses can express their interest in B2B sessions by reaching out to the NCO directly, or through the NCO's partners in Tanzania such as the Tanzania Trade Development Authority, Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce, Tanzania Private Sector Foundation and the Confederation of Tanzanian Industries.

The only cost associated with participating as an exhibitor are the costs of the exhibitors' flights and accommodations to/in Tanzania. The NCO bears the cost of freighting the exhibition goods to Tanzania, the venue rental and exhibition booth fabrication and set-up.

Expected outcomes include introducing Ghanaian products and services to the Tanzanian market, improving trade volumes between the two countries under the AfCFTA agreement, increased regional presence, and establishing networks with Tanzanian counterparts.

All goods will be transported by air from Accra to Dar es Salaam, with the cost of freight to be borne by the National AfCFTA Coordination Office, with support from the World Bank's Ghana Economic Transformation Project.

The exhibition will be open to the public. Visitors can attend by registering online or at the event venue.

B2B engagements are primarily for businesses and value/supply chain actors, but seminars and panel discussions are open to individuals interested in trade issues and procedures.

B2B transactions may include purchasing, agency deals, partnerships, collaborations, and distribution agreements.

At least 75 Ghanaian businesses will be part of the trade mission, representing various sectors of the economy.

The Minister for Trade and Industry will lead the Ghanaian contingent, which will also include an official delegation, a technical team, and representatives from partner institutions.

Media personnel will receive accreditation when they register as media online, or at the event venue.

English will be the primary language used during the event. Interpretation services (into Swahili) may be provided for specific sessions.

Yes, networking opportunities will be available on the exhibition floor and during seminars, B2B engagements, and other side events.

Regular updates and announcements will be communicated through official channels, including the event website and the social media platforms indicated on this website.

Yes, participants can arrange private meetings. Meeting spaces would be provided at the event venue and participants can coordinate through the event organizers.

Yes, provisions for disability access will be made at the event venue to ensure inclusivity.

Contact information and networking opportunities will be provided, and businesses are encouraged to follow up post-event for ongoing collaborations.

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